Sunday, 11 June 2017

Bollywood copies Hollywood

I just finished watching a 2000 Hollywood movie named Meet the Parents. I was so ashamed to see two exactly similar scenes shown in a 2004 Hollywood movie named Mujhse Shadi Karogi starring PC, Akshay Kumar and that jerk Salman Khan. That scene in which Ben Stiller accidentally makes the dead grandmother's urn to fall while trying to open the champagne bottle - was unabashedly imitated by Salman Khan where he breaks Amrish Puri's mother's urn in the same way. Another scene when Ben Stiller decievs the woman's(who plays his love-interest) family by bringing in a tail-painted similar looking dog to be mistaken as the original dog who gets lost. Akshay Kumar does the same in the movie.
I have myself seen a lot of other Hollywood movies which, everytime, reaffirms the fact that Bollywood has no sense of originality. 

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