Saturday, 11 March 2017

Call her names

You give her a name for the things she does and for the things she doesn't do.
When her husband dies, you call her a WIDOW - so undesirable
When she doesn't get married past that marriageable age defined by you
You call her a SPINSTER
When she decides to get married early within the marriageable age (again defined by you)
You call her REGRESSIVE
When she chooses to lose her virginity before marriage
You call her IMPURE (as if she is a solution) - and a TART, a BITCH and PROMISCIOUS!
When she chooses to leave her husband - you call her a god-foresaken DIVORCEE
When she doesn't have children or, may be, she chooses not to have a child
You call her a STERILE
When she chooses to be a home-maker, you call her UNAMBITIOUS
But when she goes out to work
You call her an INSENSITIVE woman for not taking care of the child to whom she gives birth.
And then even where she is not involved
You call her names to vent your anger in an argument unresolved!

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