Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Why do people make such rubbish?

Why do people make such rubbish?

I was sifting through the movies in my laptop when I stopped by a Bollywood movie named Hate Story 3. I, usually, never watch such senseless and whimsical thrillers added with a hell lot of steamy scenes (just to force hormone driven people into the theaters) coupled with unwanted and irrelevant song sequences, BUT just for a change (tired of watching Hollywood movies in row), I thought of trying this random MP4 that I must had borrowed from some one's storage drive. I can't believe my patience that I wasted 2 hours of my life in watching this torturing experiment of some Bollywood director.

Those who have watched this movie must be knowing that Aditya Deewan is being portrayed as a hero while Gaurav Singhania is seen as a vamp initially. But in the later half of the movie it turns out that he was the nice guy who was trying to take revenge from Aditya and his wife to have rendered his best friend Vickram Deewan handicapped in an attempt to kill him. But the logic fails to find a place when he kills more innocent people like Kaya and another man who was driving the car when that old acolyte of Gaurav was siphoning off dead Kaya's body. Do you kill two innocent people for your vendetta of a handicapped friend whose condition has nothing to do with these two dead people? Gaurav-the-nice-guy is being awarded the title of "tu he mera bhai hai" by an emotionally happy Vickram in the climax which brings out the fact that Gaurav did nothing wrong by killing Kaya and the driver in addition to Aditya and Siya.

Now I really think all the song sequences were forcefully added to the movie for which some irrelevant pre-song lines were intentionally added. And oh that second song sang by Mica Singh with some 3rd grade dance moves made me wonder what is up with the Bollywood.
Wajah tum ho - seduce me Siya if you want to save your husband;
Isaq mera tu - "par ab meri yahi wajah ab tumhe aur kareeb se jaan ne ki ho gyi hai", Siya to Gaurav.
Tumhe apna banane ka junoon - "Bhagwaan ne mujhe Aditya jesa jeevan saathi diya", Siya in an interview.
Another song sequence in which Kaya is seen clubbing was perhaps added because the music director had a spare song left, so he fitted it somewhere.

Talk about acting, I really used to like Sharman Joshi for 3 Idiots before watching this movie. Zareen Khan and the newcomer Daisy Shah can not be blamed for they are like that from time immemorial. Here Karan Singh Grover turns out to be the winner (he is obviously sexy from the time of Dil Mil Gaye) for his good acting.

So it can be said that I regretted choosing Bollywood over Hollywood from my laptop collection. BDW I watched Pink, Parched, MS Dhoni, Dangal and Happy Bhaag Jaegi (all of these were borrowed from others' storage devices), and I liked all of them. Parched being my favorite.