Thursday, 5 January 2017

I don't buy this argument

I don't buy this argument

I happened to post a video on my Facebook timeline in which Saudi Arabian women are seen demanding equal rights for themselves irrespective of the Guardianship system. I wrote the following line with that video:"I am so lucky that I am born in INDIA and not in SA". To this I got a comment from a former college mate of mine which brewed the following discussion. I am quoting the verbatim -

His comment

My comment - I don't understand what point are you trying to make through this comment - whether you are pointing out the mentality of Indian politicians or what? But if you are saying that India is also a bad place for women then I must say that it is better than SA at least, because you see we are still allowed to travel and drive cars without carrying a male relative!

His comment

Again the same point which I have tried to make people of India understand a lot many times but ... and I seriously don't care if I'm bashed for that ... the only reason I try is coz I have lived 23 years in that country and still I'm holder of republic of India passport so I do wish for it to progress and be a liberal open minded society ... I don't wanna see it ruining itself in front of my eyes ... regarding patriotism or nationalism I don't believe in any ... neither I was proud to be Indian or never I will be proud to be CANADIAN coz these are man made identities ... i m happy I was born in a stable region on earth but in the same region people are struggling for one time meal ... and the point I wanted to make above was that Saudi Arabia is not at all a standard for comparison ... Indians have this problem of comparing themselves with 3rd world countries like Saudi Arabia or Pakistan and then they feel they are doing good ... nooo ... on HDI India lags much behind ... our human rights score is worst ... sexual violence is a norm nowadays... I don't curse Canada coz I'm actually seeing this country and women don't think before going out at night ... it's not that this is perfect country ... sexual violence occurs over here too but PM Justin Trudeau is always accepting that and trying to get rid of it ... in subways you are gonna blacks Asians south Asians whites ... hijabi Muslims Jewish people all in equal number ... this is what tolerance is ... and trust me in past few years India 's international image has hit an all time low ... my music teacher said ," you could get lynched in India for eating beef " ... one musician friend said ," a right wing Hindu party is ruling your country right ?" ... one gentleman asked me about Delhi rape case ... do you imagine where India is heading with this ... and there was a time when people would associate this country with non violence ... and m sorry m not a mahaan person so I would prefer not to waste my days in trying to make these people understand all this and again they come up with something like bengaluru case and to make it worst statements of our ministers...

I don't believe in any after life and I also don't believe in any nationalism ... so I would prefer to start a good life here and wish that someday my daughter opens her eyes in this society ... and if you can also help needy from over here ... infact I would love to make myself that much successful that m able to help those people who deserve to be here but coz of financial limitations they are not able to do so ... many Canadians are sponsoring Syrian refugees ... I hope someday I'm also able to serve humanity like this and also live a good life..

My comment -  I am really happy for you that you have finally got rid off this very bad country which indeed lags behind in HDI, women safety etc. I hope you become a permanent NRI someday and call more people like you to Canada (which is already a second home to Punjabis who couldn't get anything good out of their lives here  ..I can speak endlessly on Canada obsessed No offence  It's great to get a chance to explore the world and think of settling there. You indeed got a chance to leave this disgusting country..this is really awesome, but you see crores of Indians who can not get such chances and are serving this country(by choice or by fate) have hopes from this 3rd world country. NEVER destroy their hopes for half of this world is surviving on hopes. You don't believe in nationalism and hence don't give a damn about changing this useless nation - good for you. But please don't kill the optimism of the people of my country who want to serve it. There are several people who are living away from their loved ones to ensure this nation's safety..don't kill their/ their families' hopes. Don't waste your time and energy in harping/complaining..You ll not make any change in the thought process through this...Enjoy CANADA. ATB!

His comments - well I clearly see that spirit in eyes of a girl who is afraid to go out at night ( and no way secure during day time either ) ... I have seen the spirit when a man carries dead body of his wife for several kilometres just for cremation ... and if u r not satisfied with this spirit then their are so called intellectuals ( which are drastically increasing these days ... No offence  ) who were born with much more than an average indian could earn , and talk about nationalism patriotism and how great their country is , just because they were born on that region of land controlled by a specific government ....And I won't be available for any further discussion on this coz I know questioning nationalism in that region ( India and Pakistan ) could cost you a lot..


P.S. I am not going to reply anything to this guy after this. Let him stay happy with his views. But I really DON'T BUY HIS ARGUMENT! I think he wants everyone to leave India and shift to Canada. No? Oh LOL..he eventually deleted his comments from my post. I don't understand how people behave.

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