Monday, 23 January 2017

Dear Salman Khan, GO DIE!

Dear Salman Khan, GO DIE!

I am sure this hypothetical harping by a random blogger is not going to affect you nor are you going to know that a 23-year-old not-so-non-common girl have blogged about you in the first place..BUT.. I knew no other way to put my grieving heart to peace than writing this away.

You came clean in yet another long-pending case against you of yet another crime. You made people believe that you didn't kill that poor Black Buck just as you were not driving that car that fateful day which made some poor people regret their sleeping on the pavements. This yet another influenced-by-power judgement acquitting you for a crime that, everyone knows, you indeed have committed has grinded my already broken faith in the Indian judicial system under its heels into shreds.

I personally feel you are the last thing that should have ever happened to Bollywood. Now there are several reasons that make me find you a tad less desirable to the Bollywood industry you have been using to feed your luxury.

To start with, you are antithetical to the concept of being SELF-MADE. You have this stardom just because you were born with your less-than-average looks to a self-made man named Salim Khan who struggled his way to being an actor and a screenwriter in this industry. So you had everything ready on the platter to be served to you. And then some very good directors/producers of that time happened to sign you in their movies(reasons may vary from you being talented to you being a star-kid) with some marvellous beauties of that time that again happened to be hits. And now the scenario is - even if you act in a baseless, useless, story-less, acting-less and a lifeless movie like Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, your fans will still make it a hit.

When you are grooving with your deformed moves in your movies or on stage, even a blind person can discern how some of the most talented people, who are unfortunately dancing at your back but 200% better than you, deserve to be in your front.

I don't know what people find enticing in that nincompoopish towel-gimmick of yours, but I find it nerve-gratingly below-the-belt and useless. I get so surprised on seeing people clapping merrily when you are pulling that towel to-and-fro between your legs. I am like what's so funny and, what's wrong with the sense-of-humour of my fellow countrymen?

Not forgetting your irresponsible and illogical statements - like "I felt as if I was raped" - that reaffirms my belief that you are a darn insensitive person.

Further I believe you are culpable of forcing scumbags like Arbaaz Khan and Sohail Khan - who after trying their hands in acting became producers(off course you have a lot of money!) - to the Indian audience just because these extravagant losers were/are your biological brothers. I still remember watching Maine Dil Tujhko Diya when I was not-so-grown-up. The actress, the story, the direction - everything melted my heart except for the lead actor who I thought could have been avoided.

You so unabashedly insult, beat and thrash your fans who go crazy about you in crowds. This tells a lot about your complacent self and how cruel you are when it comes to treating poor people, fans or be it speechless animals.

Being Human foundation which you run in the name of charity is actually a disguised prop that you had used to plea a bail when you were about to be convicted the last time. Moreover, only 8-10% of profit from Being Human clothing goes to the foundation. Isn't it hypocrisy?

P.S - I don't know if this only happens with me that every time I end up writing about something that is bothering me, the pain dwindles manifold.

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