Sunday, 22 January 2017

Another pattern in Punjabi songs

Another pattern in Punjabi songs

Well there is this concept prevalent in Punjabi songs in which a poor boy is harping on his extravagant and extremely rich girlfriend. Here is a list..

1. Oh dady g di cash utte kari jave aish..saada bapu jimmidaar kithon leke deve car..(My gf is having a merry time spending his father's money, but my father can't afford a car.)
2. Saari family de kapde aajande..jinne di tei jean kuriye..(Old song but relatable)
3. Mera kehda baapu karda black ni..jehda tere shehar lae lava flat ni..(My father doesn't own black money for me to be able to purchase a flat in your town..okay?)
4. Mai raahi chandigarh daa shonki padhne da..ohdi chitti lancer vad di jaye faahe ni..(My crush owns a Lancer car while I go to my college on cycle.)

To be continued..

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