Saturday, 23 January 2016

She left me with a HOPE

She is Anshu. I met her just yesterday and this little girl managed to impress me, becoming my favorite of all. Reason? She is just 5 years old and remembers the 'Tables' upto 15 by heart. Big deal? Well, as far as I remember, when I was 5, I was in UKG and was still struggling with 'Counting' (as per the CBSE syllabus). It was only during my second standard when my teacher managed to teach me 'Tables' upto 10. Going by this pattern, we can say that I could learn 'Tables' upto 15 only untill I turned 8. But Anshu did this when she is just 5. "2 ekum 2..2 duni 4...2 teeye 6..", she went on like a running train!

Impressed by the velocity of her learning,  I gave her a candy from my bag. She was happy to get that candy and eventually agreed to come to Prayaas every day. Because later she told me that she didn't want to come to prayaas for she thought that the teachers would beat her. "Thank you didi", Anshu said while going back that day!

I just hope, even after my last semester gets over and I leave Prayaas, she keeps on studying and learning with the same alacrity. I hope, her future doesn't get engulfed by the inherent darkness these children are accustomed to. I hope, her parents will let her utilize her intelligence to carve her way to a better future.  I hope, her parents will not marry her off when she will turn 15. I hope, she grows up to learn the WHOLE MATHEMATICS some day. I hope, efforts like Prayaas never end. I hope, such many more initiatives take birth in every being..!!

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

This left me thinking

I just happened to watch a series called 'Man's World' while surfing randomly on YouTube. It's a short movie divided into a four episode series, which was aired online in September 2015. The movie gives a very powerful message that left me THINKING.

'Man's world' starts with a man named Kiran harping about 'Feminism'. He is very angry about the extra advantages and privileges given to women in today's society. He has a problem that why there is no movie named 'Father India'. He is shocked that there is a thing called 'marital rape', and mocks it by saying that marital rape is akin to calling a person pulling out money from his own wallet a thief. He brushes away the 'that time of the month' issue of women at workplaces by terming it as mere work evading excuse. His friend makes a remark -'Life is a fight between chest and breast, and in the end breast always wins' - on this biased society which, according to him, treats men badly. He doesn't even like this system of reserving seats for women in public transports. So one day, a drunk Kiran makes a wish to God to turn this world upside down and let men and women swap places.

What follows is a hilarious description of the changes he starts discerning before realizing that God has actually granted him his wish. And I need to mention this one when he starts feeling that disturbingly irksome pain in his stomach and spots blood on his trousers. Rest of the movie tells us about how this world treats women so differently. There are some strange set of rules for women. Kiran experiences all this, ranging from dowry to marital rape, eave teasing, bias at workplaces, and female feticide. 

At the end, Kiran is found talking to his son about his secret. He tells him that he doesn't want to CHANGE this world again, but FIX it in the favor of both the sexes!

Monday, 11 January 2016

Hope it gets better

Defence minister Manohar Parikar's latest statement has given me a reason to believe, and has restored my hopes that something better can happen in this nation. According to Mr Parikar - 'We need to give some PAIN to those people who carry out terrorist attacks in our country'. This statement is apt and suggestive of the fact that India needs to change it's attitude towards those people who are always conspiring to beleaguer us.

I mean, how many more Colnels like Niranjan Kumar would have to die before this nation understands that pampering a person who bothers us will not let it change it's behavior. All these singers, actors, and other artists who are allowed to earn money from our soil should be banned. I think this is the only way to provide them pain. Apart from this, Intelligence agencies should be allowed to do the needful!

Friday, 1 January 2016

It's still the same

Another year has started. People are welcoming this new year by wishing each other happiness and prosperity for the coming days ahead. There are celebrations all around. Amidst all these celebrations, something seems really wrong. Even though, I am sending smileys to random people in return of their wishes, happiness is missing. Because there are so many people for whom there is no meaning of a new year. There is nothing happy about any year that starts after 31st December for them.

A mother whose daughter was brutally raped three years ago is still deprived of justice, and many more 'Nirbhyas' are lined up this year. No I am not an optimist!

A father whose martyred son was subject to inexplicable torture (Pakistanis had burnt the bodies of their captured prisoners with cigarettes, piercing the ear-drums with hot rods, puncturing eyes before removing them, breaking most of their teeth and bones, fracturing their skulls, cutting the lips, chipping of nose, chopping off limbs and private organs of the soldiers, and finally shooting them dead), is still not able to believe that his beloved son is no more. Many more Lt. Saurav Kalias are lined up this year. No I am not an optimist!

So many children sleep hungry in my country. They are denied education, food, respect and are forced to live aimless lives. Every damn year is a nightmare for them. Many more such ill fated children are lined up this year also. No I am not an optimist!

People who sleep on pavements were rendered handicapped because a spoilt brat wanted to do drunk driving. Many more Salman Khans are lined up this year too. There's no reason to be optimistic. I have lost all my optimism.