Friday, 9 December 2016

Women's safety manual

Women's safety manual

Pink is a 2016 Bollywood movie which I finished watching recently(a bit late of course). It's one of the movies that got me wondering at the social set up of my country yet again. Amitabh Bachan's character aptly brings forth the hypocrisy of Indian society that comes with a SAFETY MANUAL for women. Several RULES described in the movie are as follows :-

Rule no. 1 - A girl should never go ANYWHERE alone with a boy. Anywhere means a resort, a hotel room for using a toilet or for any other purpose. Else she is herself responsible if her modesty is outraged.
Rule no. 2 - A girl should never get frank with a boy or touch him while talking for this will become a hint/invitation for the boy to rape her.
Rule no. 3 - Never walk alone at night, because in this country a girl's character gets decided by the hands of a clock.
"Hmare desh me ghadi ki suyiyan ek ladki ka character decide krti hain."
Rule no. 4 - Drinking is a measure of girls' character while for boys, it's just a health hazard. Terms and conditions differ for both genders. Because if a girl will drink then she is bound to be sexually available, that's what boys will perceive about her.

P.S. The movie tells the importance of CONSENT. "Because NO means NO. No matter the person who says it is your friend, girl friend, a sex worker or even your own wife. When someone says so - STOP!!"


  1. This is so true,it is just pathetic.I feel pity for people who have this kind of cheap mentality.I feel the reason behind this is lack of quality education.Nothing seems real nowadays,fake people and fake relationships have ruined everything.