Saturday, 6 August 2016

Punjabi singers, what are you upto?

Punjabi singers, what are you upto?

Punjabi singers can never stop giving me reasons to hate them more than before. What kind of lyrics do they come up with every time? Self proclaiming themselves as very powerful angry young men/Gabru jawaan/ kharku or whatever. But for heaven's sake, this is what our Punjabi youth is learning and imbibing. I mean how else do you expect the youth of Punjab to behave when you make such nauseatingly disgusting songs?

1. Vakh vakh asle di rakhi poori range, ik do maheene baad karidi aa change
Mauser, pistal, 32 bor, 12 bor, asle de sir te ni, bahawan ch vi poora jor
Modheyan te rakh hatheyar gabru, mafia mandeer tere yaar gabru
Nit nave bhalde shikaar gabru
Mitran nu shaunk, goliyan chalon da, bai goliyan chalon da, bai goliyan chalon da
Mitran nu shaunk, goliyan chalon da...

(I have a range of guns and weapons. Mafia people are my friends. I love shooting people.) 

Well done Diljit Dosanjh. I am so proud of you!

2. Shehar vich ajj hundi charcha, hoya 302 da parcha
Kitey rabba na bhulaya, foka zor na vikhaya
Rabba na bhulaya, foka zor na vikhaya
Game saari te sikhanjha leya kas ni
Velleyan di akh ajj laal aye
Koi banda bunda maarna taan das ni...

(I have been charged with section 302 of IPC several times which accounts for the punishment for murder. So don't worry babe, I am red with rage today, tell me if you want to get some one killed.)

I want to get Honey Singh killed. Please?

3. Uss mauke te singhan di
Talwar boldi ae
Uss mauke te surmeyan di
Riffle boldi ae...

(Sword and Riffle, I have them all.)

Dear Jazzy B, fantastic. Keep it up. BTW, what's with this nastily weird acronym you have converted your name into?  

4. aa ve paade o v paade 
peen to kade v thakde ni kaka 
kadi hoyi daru ehda wakhra e saroor 
chaa naal leyaya veer peeni e jaroor ajj challu 12 bor jehri hath vich chakki aa 
kadd yaara kad jehri gaddi vich rakhi aaa..

(I never get tired of drinking alcohol. Don't mess with me or else I will shoot you with my 12 bore gun.)

Oh you are such a macho man you fat-head Honey Singh! 

5. Daaru ko main dudhu ki tarah pee jaaun
Apni peeun tabhi to mota peg banaaun
Peg banaaun kabhi naap ke nahin
Apni peeun kisi ke baap ki nahin
Main Alcoholic hoon
Haan main alcoholic hoon...

(I am a proud alcoholic.)

Akshay kumar, you too?

P.S. So is this all what Punjab is about? Daru, ladkiyan and crimes? Is this how we want the world to perceive us? DIG DEEPER people!

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