Thursday, 30 June 2016

This is what I call HYPOCRISY

This is what I call HYPOCRISY

There was a time in the history of India when kings used to have many wives while women were not allowed to engage into polygamy. It was a time when there were different set of rules for men and women. King Dasharatha, for instance, had three wives of whom Kakayi was his most favorite perhaps because she was the youngest or sexiest of all the three queens. Then came the era of Mughals. Of these Mughal kings, there arrived king Akbar. I don't raise a question on his ability of making a good king or his wits or his diffidence, or perhaps any of the other Mughal kings. But this one practice of unfettered polygamy solely by men of that era is so unfair. 

These days my mom is too much into watching this perhaps dumbest of all other dumb serials that Indian TV channels serve us. Oh yes, I am talking about much hyped and tolerated Tv serial Jodha-Akbar. See, I personally liked the movie (at a time when I used to watch them) starring Hrithik and Aishwarya. The movie was apt in portraying this beautiful love story between Mughal emperor Akbar and his Hindu wife Jodha Bai. It was adored by the audience largely because the movie didn't mention that Akbar had few more wives apart from Jodha. And this is where the serial enters. This serial is showing the entire story with their own special effects of course. This serial made me aware of the real face of this rather tragic love story in which Jodha is the heroine but Akbar is the villain. Why? Well, there are several reasons -

1. Akbar was already married with two ladies named Rukaiya and Saleema before he forcefully took Jodha's father's kingdom and married her, again, FORCEFULLY!
2. This serial is now airing an episode in which he is all set to get married to yet another lady named Ateefa who he thinks needs his protection. Poor Jodha and Rukaiya are seen jealous but helpless. Later it is revealed that he was pretending to love Ateefa as he wanted to raise the curtains from his enemies' tactics. 
3. In another episode, Jodha was found kidnapped by some prisoner who claimed to love her. Mighty Akbar went all the way to rescue her but then had to think before proclaiming that he is ready to Koobool (accept) her. He was jealous and disturbed at the fact that his pregnant wife Jodha spent several days with a Paraya Mard!
4. Jodha thinks that her Shehanshah loves her- raised to the power infinity. Little does she know that he is a tharki who loves her only because she was his newly wedded wife and perhaps most beautiful of other two. 
5. Whenever he likes, he comes to Jodha's kaksh (living area); lures her into making her believe that he loves only her and ends up having sex with her.
6. I don't know how many more marriages will Akbar do in the coming episodes but as far as I understand, love can't happen with two or three persons all together. This is no tale of love. I think the serial should have been named - 'Akbar Aur Uski Begamien' instead of 'Jodha-Akbar'..!!


  1. I was wondering the same, pathetic societal norms were prevalent then and today as well .It is all about mindset.