Monday, 25 April 2016

Punjabi Singers and their weird comparisons

Punjabi Singers and their weird comparisons

Apart from everything nauseating these Punjabi singers are up to, their weird comparisons can never be mistaken. These unmistakably weird comparisons will leave you wondering at the Intelligence Quotient and logical ability of our great Punjabi singers. 

1. Mitraan de blood da group ohi jehde akkhar ton paendaa tera naaaa..(Your name starts with the same letter that my Blood Group holds. Can I get a knife to stab myself?)

2. Same size aa ni nakhro tere lakk te jatt de dolle da..(My biceps and your waist size the same. Isn't it amazing? I am bursting with laughter.)

3. Boofer tu meri meri..mai tera am your boofer and you are my amplifier. How logical!)

4. Mundaa sohniye ni I-Phone vargaa..janni khani hundi ni attach.. (Logical indeed!)

5. Saari family de kapde aajande..jinne di jean kuriyee..(a poor guy got a wealthy GF. #sigh#)

6. Mai terayan blood goriye..tu backbone jatt di (New addition in the list by Hardy Sandhu)..

And the list is endless. But one thing is clear, only Punjabi lyricists can think the way they think. I mean comparing a waist and a bicep needs a hell lot of sensible reasoning. No?


  1. Palak really very funny...
    One of best blog u write...because of so much laughter...