Friday, 5 February 2016

Punjabi singers and their 'BRANDS' fetish

Punjabi singers and their 'BRANDS' fetish

There's no harm in loving brands and making songs on them. In fact, the makers of such brands as Audi, Ford and Jaguar need to thank our Punjabi singers BIG TIME for promoting their brands free of cost!


  • Kudi kehndi baby pehlaan JAGUAR lae lavo, fer jinna marzi pyaar lae lavo (My gf loves expensive cars more than me) #cries a river#
  • Menu lod nayiyo teri JAGUAR di.. je Dillon sachhaa pyaar karda (What did you say? Do you think I am that shallow?)


  • FORD utte jana kehnda date te, mere vala jatt bada desi aa (My bf has gone insane!)
  • Ikk tere thalle v FORD aa..ikk mere thalle v FORD aa..bass fark enna eh khetan vich..te teri Ford on road aa (What? I am speechless!)


  • Aiven GUCCI ARMANI vich roldi jawani...check kardi brandaan vale tag ni..(Oh girl, listen up. Buying these excessively luxurious brands is equivalent to spoiling your youth. Someone give me poison!)
  • GAS GUCCI GAP hun pauno hatt gyi..firre chakkvien jeh suit sawaa k (I love my girl. She has transformed herself from being modern to being DESSI!)
  • GUCCI ARMANI de..kidda de shonk marjaani de (Then why are you cribbing? Your business?)
  • Fir lae gyi mainu ZARA te..paise lagde ne yaraan de (Oh I see, poor you!)


How can we forget this most coveted brand. We Punjabis love our Bult for no reason or perhaps for making this unpleasantly obnoxious noise.
  • Bada BULT pyaara c, Bult chamkaunde..aap naa nhaunde (We are Punjabis, we love BULT!)
  • BULT kol rakh leya g..aasi chamak challo he yaaron chadti (We are Punjabis, we love BULT!)
  • Ikk yaaro BULT we lakh da..dooja yaaro mehngaa pertrol ho gya (We are Punjabis, we love BULT!)
  • BULT de pichhe baithi..patli jehi naar hove (We are Punjabis, we love BULT!)
  • O BULT chala laen ikk gedda laa laen de (We are Punjabi singers, and we are Idiots!)
         P.S. Royal Enfield owes a big share of its profits to our Punjabi singers!

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