Friday, 26 February 2016

Let's not be so judgmental

Let's not be so judgmental

Apart from everything obnoxious we are getting to hear about our motherland - from Azaadi to Barbaadi, people out there are disgracing the armed forces of this nation. Amidst all this hassle, after Martyr Lance Naik Hanumanthappa was cremated, this is what his wife Mahadevi had to say to the descendants of that very nation for whose sake, her husband died .

She said, "Bharat hamari mata hai. Isska apmaan mat karo. Bharat mata hai to hum hai, bharat mata nahi to hum bhi nahi. Mera koi beta nahi hai, par mai apni beti ko bhi senaa me sainik banaungi."
(This country is our motherland. Our existence depends upon our motherland. Do not demean our motherland. I don't have a son but I will inspire my daughter to serve in the Indian Army.)

No, she didn't demand anyone's sympathy. Your sympathy would be of no use to her. Similarly, the families of Captain Pawan Kumar, Captain Tushar Mahajan, 1999 martyrs, 1984 martyrs, don't need your sympathies. They are brave enough. All they desire is RESPECT. Respect for our motherland and respect for the people who don't demand anything in lieu of their sacrifices!

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