Saturday, 13 February 2016

A small effort is all he needs

A small effort is all he needs

He is Ajay. Ajay is 5 years old and reads in first standard, BBN School, Maqsudan. I have come to observe this exceptionally brilliant learning pattern in Ajay. He is very good at quickly grabbing the concepts. Let me share my personal experience with this little fellow. After making him learn the Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication (which he learned in a very short time span), I tried to teach him Division that day. This guy stunned me by learning the whole Division in just two days. Students of his age(even those who study in posh schools with the best infrastructure) take one full term of 6 months to learn the concept of Division. I gave a two digit Division sum to Ajay - he solved that correctly, I gave him a four digit sum - he again solved it correctly, then I made him practice some 10 such 4 & 5 digit questions - he got all of them CORRECT. I was so happy!

'Ab point vala Divide sikhao didi', Ajay said in his cute stammering tone. He wanted me to each him the Division involving Decimal System. I made him familiar with this concept the very next day and he got all the questions BANG ON correct! Believe it or not, if Ajay is allowed to continue and finish his study, and by some serendipity if he manages to pursue higher education as well, this guy will do wonders. I have this strong intuition that he will make news one day, and that's not a cliché.

P.S There are many such Ajays who really are gifted but lack the means to put their talent into use. Some of them grow up to become Rickshaw pullers while some turn out to be tea vendors. All they need is a guiding hand. All they need is a small effort. All they need is a 'Prayaas'..!!

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