Saturday, 23 January 2016

She left me with a HOPE

She left me with a HOPE

She is Anshu. I met her just yesterday and this little girl managed to impress me, becoming my favorite of all. Reason? She is just 5 years old and remembers the 'Tables' upto 15 by heart. Big deal? Well, as far as I remember, when I was 5, I was in UKG and was still struggling with 'Counting' (as per the CBSE syllabus). It was only during my second standard when my teacher managed to teach me 'Tables' upto 10. Going by this pattern, we can say that I could learn 'Tables' upto 15 only untill I turned 8. But Anshu did this when she is just 5. "2 ekum 2..2 duni 4...2 teeye 6..", she went on like a running train!

Impressed by the velocity of her learning,  I gave her a candy from my bag. She was happy to get that candy and eventually agreed to come to Prayaas every day. Because later she told me that she didn't want to come to prayaas for she thought that the teachers would beat her. "Thank you didi", Anshu said while going back that day!

I just hope, even after my last semester gets over and I leave Prayaas, she keeps on studying and learning with the same alacrity. I hope, her future doesn't get engulfed by the inherent darkness these children are accustomed to. I hope, her parents will let her utilize her intelligence to carve her way to a better future.  I hope, her parents will not marry her off when she will turn 15. I hope, she grows up to learn the WHOLE MATHEMATICS some day. I hope, efforts like Prayaas never end. I hope, such many more initiatives take birth in every being..!!

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