Friday, 1 January 2016

It's still the same

It's still the same

Another year has started. People are welcoming this new year by wishing each other happiness and prosperity for the coming days ahead. There are celebrations all around. Amidst all these celebrations, something seems really wrong. Even though, I am sending smileys to random people in return of their wishes, happiness is missing. Because there are so many people for whom there is no meaning of a new year. There is nothing happy about any year that starts after 31st December for them.

A mother whose daughter was brutally raped three years ago is still deprived of justice, and many more 'Nirbhyas' are lined up this year. No I am not an optimist!

A father whose martyred son was subject to inexplicable torture (Pakistanis had burnt the bodies of their captured prisoners with cigarettes, piercing the ear-drums with hot rods, puncturing eyes before removing them, breaking most of their teeth and bones, fracturing their skulls, cutting the lips, chipping of nose, chopping off limbs and private organs of the soldiers, and finally shooting them dead), is still not able to believe that his beloved son is no more. Many more Lt. Saurav Kalias are lined up this year. No I am not an optimist!

So many children sleep hungry in my country. They are denied education, food, respect and are forced to live aimless lives. Every damn year is a nightmare for them. Many more such ill fated children are lined up this year also. No I am not an optimist!

People who sleep on pavements were rendered handicapped because a spoilt brat wanted to do drunk driving. Many more Salman Khans are lined up this year too. There's no reason to be optimistic. I have lost all my optimism. 


  1. Our indian politics is responsible... for...all these...
    In INDIA....hamare neta..desh ke bare mai sochna chodkar ek doosre ko comments krne mai time pass kr rhe hai....
    Koi bhi news channel pr debate sun lo to kisi TOM & JERRY show se kam nhi lagta...