Monday, 11 January 2016

Hope it gets better

Hope it gets better

Defence minister Manohar Parikar's latest statement has given me a reason to believe, and has restored my hopes that something better can happen in this nation. According to Mr Parikar - 'We need to give some PAIN to those people who carry out terrorist attacks in our country'. This statement is apt and suggestive of the fact that India needs to change it's attitude towards those people who are always conspiring to beleaguer us.

I mean, how many more Colnels like Niranjan Kumar would have to die before this nation understands that pampering a person who bothers us will not let it change it's behavior. All these singers, actors, and other artists who are allowed to earn money from our soil should be banned. I think this is the only way to provide them pain. Apart from this, Intelligence agencies should be allowed to do the needful!

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