Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Poor SHE

There's a very famous song from 70's era in which the female character keeps on saying 'Mai maike chali jaungi..tum dekhte rahiyo'. Her male counterpart tries to convince her to not leave him and ,hence, not go to the 'maika'. But she still insists on leaving him. With no other choice left, the male character threatens her by saying, "Tum maike chali jayogi mai dooja byaah rachaunga". Scared, the female succumbs and brushes away her idea of going to the 'maeka' by saying, "Tum meri sautan layoge to maeke nhi jaungi. Mai saaton janam nibhaungi par maike nhi jaungi".  
Listening to this song made me feel pity for 'HER'. At the end, she was the one who had to look down, she was the one who had to be submissive, and she was the one who had to let go of her ego because she was 'SHE'. 

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