Sunday, 6 December 2015

Humanity isn't dead as yet

Humanity isn't dead as yet

I have seen and heard much about estranged men throwing acid on their girl friends' faces. I have seen boys' families rejecting girls for not being very beautiful and hence void for marriage. I have seen boys flirting with random girls to end up being serious with no one. I have seen mother-in-laws burning their 'son's wives'(I am not using DAUGHTER-in-law word because a mother can never do that with her daughter) for not bringing in satiating dowry. I have seen people forcing a woman to abort her unborn daughter. I have heard about girls getting raped. I come across this kind of news everyday. But rarely do I get to know that men like this guy in the picture exist as well.

I mean, see the contrast! It's easy to throw acid on a girl's face but marrying a girl with a burned face is NOT EASY. This man named Alok Dixit has dared to do so. He fell in love with Laxmi and decided to marry her. And watching their adorable daughter Pihu is a feast to eyes. This guy has proved true the fact that love is beyond looks.This rarest of rare instance of humanity shown by Alok has reaffirmed my faith in humanity. This has made me believe that humanity isn't dead as yet!

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