Thursday, 26 November 2015

India is NOT 'Intolerant'

India is NOT 'Intolerant'

Much has been said and heard on 'Intolerance' in past three days. But I really wonder - what kind of intolerance did Aamir Khan face all this while in India? Didn't Indian audience give him hits after hits irrespective of his religion. Didn't we make Shahrukh Khan - the King Khan and Salman Khan - the Salman Bhai of this luxurious Bollywood industry?

Let alone discriminating Indian Muslims, Indian audience accepts Pakistani artists with equal love and admiration. How else could a useless bimbo like Veena Malik gain so much fame(or should I say notoriety?) while in Big Boss? Didn't we applaud Atif Aslam each time he gave a briliant song to us? Do we spare a second thought before extolling Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for his amazing voice?

These extra rich film stars claim to be facing 'Intolerance' and thus desire leaving their nation, notwithstanding the fact that this very nation blessed them with excessively lavish lifestyles they are living today. I am sorry, but according to me, such people are plain COWARDS. Or perhaps they don't know what 'Tolerance' is indeed!

'Tolerance' is something that the family members of our martyred soldiers and officers show when they don't get back their brutally murdered son's head back. 'Tolerance' is something that our poor farmers show when they don't reap a desirable crop and then die starving. 'Tolerance' is something that our women show when they are molested because of useless laws of the land. They never think of LEAVING this country! Then how can you Mr. Khan? Learn some tolerance sense from your fellow countrymen.  And if you are still keen on leaving this country then GET OUT! Many people(like me) won't GIVE A DAMN! Because there is no dearth of talent in this nation. This nation made you and this nation will make another like you.

P.S. "Koi bhi desh perfect nhi hota, usse perfect banana padhta hai!"- Aamir Khan said this in Rang De Basanti. Limits of HYPOCRICY!

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