Thursday, 26 November 2015

India is NOT 'Intolerant'

India is NOT 'Intolerant'

Much has been said and heard on 'Intolerance' in past three days. But I really wonder - what kind of intolerance did Aamir Khan face all this while in India? Didn't Indian audience give him hits after hits irrespective of his religion. Didn't we make Shahrukh Khan - the King Khan and Salman Khan - the Salman Bhai of this luxurious Bollywood industry?

Let alone discriminating Indian Muslims, Indian audience accepts Pakistani artists with equal love and admiration. How else could a useless bimbo like Veena Malik gain so much fame(or should I say notoriety?) while in Big Boss? Didn't we applaud Atif Aslam each time he gave a briliant song to us? Do we spare a second thought before extolling Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for his amazing voice?

These extra rich film stars claim to be facing 'Intolerance' and thus desire leaving their nation, notwithstanding the fact that this very nation blessed them with excessively lavish lifestyles they are living today. I am sorry, but according to me, such people are plain COWARDS. Or perhaps they don't know what 'Tolerance' is indeed!

'Tolerance' is something that the family members of our martyred soldiers and officers show when they don't get back their brutally murdered son's head back. 'Tolerance' is something that our poor farmers show when they don't reap a desirable crop and then die starving. 'Tolerance' is something that our women show when they are molested because of useless laws of the land. They never think of LEAVING this country! Then how can you Mr. Khan? Learn some tolerance sense from your fellow countrymen.  And if you are still keen on leaving this country then GET OUT! Many people(like me) won't GIVE A DAMN! Because there is no dearth of talent in this nation. This nation made you and this nation will make another like you.

P.S. "Koi bhi desh perfect nhi hota, usse perfect banana padhta hai!"- Aamir Khan said this in Rang De Basanti. Limits of HYPOCRICY!

Wednesday, 25 November 2015



New year is on the threshold and I, already, have my New Year resolution with me.
'I resolve to not waste my hard earned money for watching random movies in theaters.'

Although it's a bit late to make such a resolution(I am 22 already) but I am really hurt this time. This realization suddenly came to me after this recent 'Intolerance' comment given by Aamir Khan. I used to respect him, till a day before yesterday, for 'Satyamev Jayate. But yesterday I felt like a fool. And he is not the only one. There are many in the row. Salman Khan is a criminal and a cold blooded murderer. He killed speechless animals and even treated real humans like animals. 'Being Human' emanates sarcasm, no wonder!

Talk about Sanjay Dutt who is serving in jail for his past associations with terrorists. I mean half of these people don't deserve our respect and admiration that we shower on them. Moreover, this divide between rich and poor is widening.

So I would rather give these 500 Rs to the have-nots than spending it on movies(be it of any damn actor/actress). As far as outings are concerned, there are many other ways of hanging out. But movie halls and Pvrs are out of my life now. I will not enter these for the rest of the days I am alive on this planet!

P.S. Dear Future Husband, if you are a Big Screen lover, accept my apologies. I am sorry!

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Some of my most FAVORITE things and people

Some of my most FAVORITE things and people

  • Narendra Modi (Read why do I LOVE him in a previous blog!)
  • Getting compliments on my writing.
  • Feminism and feminists
  • Ashwin Sanghi - Author
  • Amish Tripathi - Author
  • My favorite authoresses - Preeti Shenoy, Jhumpa Lahiri, C.B Divakaruni
  • Real life love stories
  • People using perfect grammar and vocabulary. 
  • Chivalrous boys - (Because REAL men respect not just their own mothers and sisters, but others' mothers and sisters as well!)
  • Intelligent and Brainy boys(looks don't matter to me!)
  • Men in formals..:p
  • Stubble(looks hot..:p)
  • Honesty in any form
  • Sense of humor (If you can make me laugh when I don't even want to smile!)
  • WA Statuses written for me..:p
  • Secret admirers...:)
  • Infectious smiles (I fall in love with smiles!)
  • The Indian Army (Salute to all Army men)
  • National Anthem - it makes this often divided country to stand straight altogether!
  • Single dresses - (Bright colored and designer ones)
  • Black Eyeliner (Smudge free)
  • Blood red Lipstick (Don't you dare judge me!)
  • People who think and do something good for this society.
  • Prayaas - (A voluntary association run and managed by the students of NITJ)
  • Malgudi Days (I keep watching the series in my laptop)
  • Arnab Goswami - News Anchor (He doesn't give a shit to what people think of him)
  • People who readily agree with my views and don't argue
  • DJ (Angreji beat
  • Theme Weddings
  • Cheeseburst Pizza(I don't like to share it!)
  • Gol gappey (literally addicted!)
  • Rajma Chawal
  • Mom made Malai Kofta
  • Ginger tea (Adrak vaali chai, to be precise)
  • My Mom - Dad, and Bhaiya
  • Vasuda - My Best Friend (She is the sister I never had)
  • 70's and 80's Bollywood movies (A lot of regressive content)
  • Kishore Kumar Songs (evergreen)
  • Travelling and exploring new places.
To be continued....

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Dear 'Punjabi Singers' - Please RAISE your standards

Dear 'Punjabi Singers' - Please RAISE your standards

I have been living in Punjab since eternity. I have been raised in a Punjabi family, and I am a true Punjabi for I love the culture and people associated with it. And for that matter, just like every Punjabi, I can't stop myself from matching a step with people when Punjabi numbers are played by a Disk Jockey. But then, something is really wrong with present Punjabi Singers or perhaps Punjabi Music Industry has lost its original charm.

Now there is a conspicuous pattern of Punjabi songs which are being launched these days :-

1. Men will be either extolling themselves extra ordinarily. For example.

  • Aaja sohni dassa tenu fashion ki hunda, Tere Yaar da tan vakhraa swag ni (Oh stupid girl! learn some fashion sense from me for I am a Dude.)
  • Munda sohniye ni I Phone varga, jani khnai naal hundaa ni attach goriye (This boy defines dignity for he doesn't even bother about characterless girls who woo boys.)
  • Bache bachhe vich hit, kudiyan da brad pitt, munda jattan da javayee tu banalae ghar da (I am as sexy as Brad Pitt. So what are you waiting for, marry me!)
  • Mai hu shikaari kudiye,..khali mera vaar ni jataa, mujhko naa pehchane tu..tere ghar akhbaar ni aata?( I am a born stud. Why don't you come have sex with me?)
  • Vese to hu Badshaah mai, aaj raat tujhe star banadu (Oh gorgeous girl! Just because I am a very famous singer Badshah, this gives me a right to have a night stand with you.)
  • Hoyaa ki je nachdi di banh fadd layi dakka tan ni maareya..(So what ? So what if a boy tries to grab a girl's arm while dancing? It's not a crime.)

2. Or they will be demeaning women in various interesting ways. Not to forget the inherent sexism and misogyny present in vast amounts. For example.

  • Enna v na dope shope mareya karo...bann k tu reh gyi hun nashe di dukaaan (Because if a man drinks, he is a dude. But if a woman drinks, she is a blot on her culture and she is a potential slut. So she should better not think of boozing.)
  • Chakko chakko chakko, kujh fresh nayio milna (There is a dearth of virgin girls out there. So grab whatever is available and ENJOY!)
  • Saturday Saturday..kehti university padhti hai..but I doubt (This girl is out on parties every Saturday and drinks alchohal. So I, therefore, doubt if she is really a college girl or a call girl.)
  • Kudiye ni tere brown rang ne..tu bann meri whore..I mean meri ho (A dusky bitch is no less than a whore.)
  • Dhokha de he jandii ae gaddi te naddi..(Comparing girls with cars like they are a property. Sheer objectification!)
  • Khaton hundi desperate..sanu dasjaa ki ae RATE..(Ohk, so what's the rate of your sister or your mother may be?)
  • Teri lae lava photo je ruke taan sahi..PURCHASE v kariye je vikke taan sahi..(As if girls are some products and services to be purchased??)

3. And after listening to above two categories of songs, if a girl decides to leave a man who doesn't respect her femininity at all and who is constantly boasting of his so called 'Swag', he expresses his remorse by singing typical sad songs. For example.

  • Tu badli sau vaar..assi ikk vaar ni badle (You cheat, you changed but I didn't!)
  • Ro ro k arzaan guzaarda ae dil...haye mera dil..haye mera dil (I cry day and night for you!)
  • Bada samjhaya tenu samajh na aaya kanu kardaa ae didariyaan (Why did I fall in love with you?)
  • Mera deewanapan tenu karu pagal..mere kaatal (You will pay for this, bitch!)
  • Ho addee raat hoyi..teri yaadan ne saanu gher leyaa..haye oyee... And there is no end to this lamenting.
So Dear Punjabi Singers - stop demeaning a woman for every other thing you are not happy with. Stop blaming her and judging her with your preconceived and regressive notions of culture. Stop being a self proclaimed stud (or should I say a Fookra?). Try thinking beyond girls, women and ladies, and come up with some good stuff. Please raise your standards!

P.S. There were singers like 'Gurdaas Maan' and 'Vadali Brothers' who were real gems for Punjabi Music Industry. I wonder if Honey Singh will ever have a daughter in future, will she be able to respect her Dad for permeating this kind of shit in the society?