Friday, 30 October 2015

It should be mutual..Right?

It should be mutual..Right?

'Karvachauth!'... I have been witnessing this concept being celebrated since my childhood. I have been watching ladies fasting for one whole day - a day solely dedicated to men. I am really not against this festival. I don't intend to demean any particular religion, specific beliefs and Hindu mythology. I don't deny any of the stories associated with this traditional concept. But I really think - it should be mutual. After all, marriage is a mutual arrangement of love, trust, care and protection. If a wife fasts for her husband's long life then why can't the same be applicable to men? I think this arrangement is sexist. In fact, the makers of this arrangement must have assumed that all Hindu wives are deathless, eternal and indestructible while all Hindu husbands are easily prone to death. This is perhaps why they provided for the protection of husbands' lives only. I myself, being a Hindu, love all Hindu festivals (including Diwali, Holi, Navratras) but this one festival fails to find a logic in my senses. It establishes male dominance. So, if it has to be there, then it should be equally applicable!

Meanwhile watch this hilariously hilarious spoof. I LOVED IT..!


  1. True that , but the trend is changing .Nowadays,it is seen that husbands too fasts for their beloved wives but in my perspective,it does not matter who fasts for whom,the real thing which matters the most in this relation is love and respect.