Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Reasons to love PM

11 reasons that can make you fall in love with Narendra Modi :-

1. You can not take your eyes off him when he is addressing a gathering. Be it a rally, a campaign or an international union; his oratory skills are just impeccable.

2. Every time he initiates a speech, his 'bhaiyon bhehnooo' will make you drool over him.

3. He always uses Hindi language whether he is out on a meeting with  Xi Jinping, Obama, king of  Saudi Arabia or Queen of England. 

4. He never paper reads a speech unlike Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi or Manmohan Singh.

5. One who has the wits of understanding his foreign policy - Why he is visiting so many countries(big or small, developed or developing, rich or poor), will give a thumbs up to his craftsmanship.

4. Every time he would end up addressing a gathering, he would break the protocol to personally shake hands with his audience.

5.  He never speaks rubbish about his adversaries. He knows how and when one should counter attack some one's arguments.

6. He has a very ordinary background (a tea vendor). His humility is thus evident. This brings home the fact that Indian democracy is not that bad.

7. He loves his mother and more than that he respects/appreciates her sacrifices/struggle/hard work.

8. I share my birth date with him i.e 17 September. This is one of my personal reasons of being a 'Modi Fan'.

9. He is doing so many such things that none other PMs in the past ever did.

10. He is wholeheartedly trying to deliver what he promised. And I appreciate that!

11. His strong leadership has tremendously changed people's perception about India in the international market.

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