Saturday, 26 September 2015

And then I lost my smile

And then I lost my smile

I woke up with a smile.
Stepped out and walked a mile.
I saw an adolescent scourging the dump.
Something he ate out of that scum
While something he kept in his rags for fun.
Imagining his future - I cursed some people for this vile.
But my curses reached none.
And then I lost my smile.

When I learned about a 5 year old bud.
She was mauled altogether by 5 studs.
Thinking about - How much she would have cried.
Completely clueless of what's happening to her- there and then - she died.
Somewhat scared, somewhat disgusted, and somewhat angry - I felt.
My heart went fragile
Before I lost my smile.

When I witnessed the hypocrisy being practiced.
Oblivion with which they turn adamant.
Humanity dying its death amidst this nuisance.
A part of me died at that very instance.
And then I didn't just lose my smile - I became numb for a while.

When my senses sustained
I didn't even try to smile - fearing I will lose it again.

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