Saturday, 26 September 2015

And then I lost my smile

I woke up with a smile.
Stepped out and walked a mile.
I saw an adolescent scourging the dump.
Something he ate out of that scum
While something he kept in his rags for fun.
Imagining his future - I cursed some people for this vile.
But my curses reached none.
And then I lost my smile.

When I learned about a 5 year old bud.
She was mauled altogether by 5 studs.
Thinking about - How much she would have cried.
Completely clueless of what's happening to her- there and then - she died.
Somewhat scared, somewhat disgusted, and somewhat angry - I felt.
My heart went fragile
Before I lost my smile.

When I witnessed the hypocrisy being practiced.
Oblivion with which they turn adamant.
Humanity dying its death amidst this nuisance.
A part of me died at that very instance.
And then I didn't just lose my smile - I became numb for a while.

When my senses sustained
I didn't even try to smile - fearing I will lose it again.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Prayaas - It's all about spreading smiles!

It's not been very long since I had joined Prayaas- hardly one month. But that doesn't stop me from loving Prayaas and it's wonderful members. I always enjoy spending time with these little children. No matter how much tired I am, how much sullen or morose my mood is, a broad smile spreads on my face whenever these selfless children come saying "Hello didi" to me, hold my hand and take me along with them. I feel so special when some of them even enter into a quibble on whom I will teach today - they are like "didi mujhe padhao, nahi mujhe". When I see them smiling, having fun and enjoying every bit of their life, I wonder how do they manage to do so? And then I start feeling so dumb. They don't have cell phones, bikes, cars, whatsapp, facebook, or big houses - still they smile. These ever cheerful, innocent faces give me a reason to believe that life can be lived peacefully and happily even against all odds.


So if you are also looking to smile or to learn the art of smiling in every situation, come visit Prayaas. A little amount of your time which you will give them, will multiply into a plethora of unconditional love these cute children shower upon you!!

P.S. :- Prayaas is a NON-Profit Organisation led and managed by the Students of NIT Jalandhar , enlightening poor Students on the basics and importance of education.
"Prayaas - An Attempt to Gather 'Water Drops' to turn them in to a Glass of Water". Donate generously. Spread smiles :)