Monday, 10 August 2015

Ain't you forgetting something?

Ain't you forgetting something?

If you are someone who is so much busy improving life, making ends meet, preparing for some exam, studying, achieving targets, making balance sheets, calculating profits, providing services, curing patients, or appeasing clients. You are forgetting something big time.

Did you tell your Dad how much you are proud of him for all the struggle he did and is doing to raise you? Did you tell him how much you value everything he gave you - from that first barbie doll to that girly school bag, from that new bicycle to that much coveted own scooty? If not, then what are you waiting for? Father's day?

Did you tell your mother how much you admire her for all the sacrifices she had subjected herself to? Did you tell her how much she inspires you for the way she has handled everything with so much ease all this while?

Did you tell your brother how your life could have been incomplete without his protection, without his unconditional love, without his guidance, and without his authority?

Did you tell your best friend that those heart breaks, those difficult times, those beleaguering stressors, those mind numbing dilemmas could have been a plethora harder, if not for her?

Did you say sorry to that one person whom you had hurt the last time?

Did you send WatsApp smilies to some good old friends you haven't been getting time to be in touch with?

If not then spare some time to do these things. Because there are some indispensable people who need to be told that you do care for them. Because life is so uncertain that sometimes it doesn't even let you blink an eye before throwing her cards. Because you may not get this opportunity yet again if you delay it. Because someday you may regret letting go of this one expression of love, this one chance of spreading smiles.