Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Poor SHE

Poor SHE

There's a very famous song from 70's era in which the female character keeps on saying 'Mai maike chali jaungi..tum dekhte rahiyo'. Her male counterpart tries to convince her to not leave him and ,hence, not go to the 'maika'. But she still insists on leaving him. With no other choice left, the male character threatens her by saying, "Tum maike chali jayogi mai dooja byaah rachaunga". Scared, the female succumbs and brushes away her idea of going to the 'maeka' by saying, "Tum meri sautan layoge to maeke nhi jaungi. Mai saaton janam nibhaungi par maike nhi jaungi".  
Listening to this song made me feel pity for 'HER'. At the end, she was the one who had to look down, she was the one who had to be submissive, and she was the one who had to let go of her ego because she was 'SHE'. 

Thursday, 10 December 2015

From an Aficionado

From an Aficionado

Dear Mr Prime Minister

I still remember that time when, 18 months back, you were confidently appealing to your nation to vote for you. You had invoked the citizens of your country to help you build a strong government which can take firm decisions for this nation. You had so defiantly brushed away your opponent as a 'Burden on India', 'Harbingers of Corruption', and a 'Hindrance to Development'. You had assured us that you will run a corruption free, clean, justice providing, development oriented, and an unbiased government. I was really impressed and without giving a second thought, I had voted for your party. I was 21 then. Sir, 18 months have passed now, and I don't deny some of the best decisions you have taken. You have come out as a very strong leader indeed. Some of the initiatives, programs and campaigns you have come up with are commendable. You deserve an applause for 'Make in India', 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan', creation of NITI Ayog, 'Building Toilet' campaign, FDI(First Develop India), economic reforms, pushing tourism development, and your impeccable foreign tours.

You don't know but you have become my hero since a past few months. Every time I see you on TV and newspapers, my hopes of seeing this third world of ours as a better place rise exponentially. And it's not my fault. You have portrayed yourself as a magician to me. I have come to believe that you have a solution to every damn problem India is facing today. And since I have been trusting you blindly for all these 18 months, I feel this urge to write to you every time I sense something wrong happening in this nation.

  1. Talk about this recent acquittal of Salman Khan - I heard about just today - to start with. For heaven's sake sir, he is a cold blooded murderer. Whole India knows that, I know that, the lawyer who defended him knows that, the judge who acquitted him knows that, the people he destroyed know that, and even you know that sir. But Salman is still free today because there was no evidence to prove his sin. If he wasn't driving the car nor was his driver, then who was driving it? Perhaps the victims were driving it and they pulled themselves out of it to lie down as soon as the footpath arrived. And you promised us equality irrespective of income status!
  2. Every now and then, a girl is getting raped. She is been thrown acid at. She is still being denied justice. That heinous, so called juvenile will be free in some days. How can you be so adamant and not feel the pain of Nirbhaya’s mother? You promised to make sure that all unwanted laws are relinquished. This law will only encourage fearlessness in the hearts of potential criminals. A woman still can't walk without fear during the dark hours. When will a girl be able to roam around as freely as a boy on the streets of this nation? I hope that day comes sooner sir for you are the PM now.
  3. I can still see children begging around on streets. This divide between rich and poor is really not acceptable. Where a Shahrukh khan movie makes 300 crores and somewhere a child dies of hunger. Where billions are invested in a big fat Indian wedding, and somewhere a photographer is found clicking a pair of poor siblings for his next exhibition. I am well aware of the CBDT but again, where is all this money going?
  4. I still hear about Army men being murdered brutally. I feel scared for every family whose dear ones are serving in defence forces. When will this stop sir? Why do we let artists from Pakistan earn from our country? When will we stop embracing Pak in order to get stabbed again. I live with this uncanny fear you will never understand. I can vouch for your craftsmanship but then, all this is still happening at the borders.
I might be expecting much from you in this short span of 18 months but then, who else should I share my plight with?

From an aficionado!

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Humanity isn't dead as yet

Humanity isn't dead as yet

I have seen and heard much about estranged men throwing acid on their girl friends' faces. I have seen boys' families rejecting girls for not being very beautiful and hence void for marriage. I have seen boys flirting with random girls to end up being serious with no one. I have seen mother-in-laws burning their 'son's wives'(I am not using DAUGHTER-in-law word because a mother can never do that with her daughter) for not bringing in satiating dowry. I have seen people forcing a woman to abort her unborn daughter. I have heard about girls getting raped. I come across this kind of news everyday. But rarely do I get to know that men like this guy in the picture exist as well.

I mean, see the contrast! It's easy to throw acid on a girl's face but marrying a girl with a burned face is NOT EASY. This man named Alok Dixit has dared to do so. He fell in love with Laxmi and decided to marry her. And watching their adorable daughter Pihu is a feast to eyes. This guy has proved true the fact that love is beyond looks.This rarest of rare instance of humanity shown by Alok has reaffirmed my faith in humanity. This has made me believe that humanity isn't dead as yet!

Thursday, 26 November 2015

India is NOT 'Intolerant'

India is NOT 'Intolerant'

Much has been said and heard on 'Intolerance' in past three days. But I really wonder - what kind of intolerance did Aamir Khan face all this while in India? Didn't Indian audience give him hits after hits irrespective of his religion. Didn't we make Shahrukh Khan - the King Khan and Salman Khan - the Salman Bhai of this luxurious Bollywood industry?

Let alone discriminating Indian Muslims, Indian audience accepts Pakistani artists with equal love and admiration. How else could a useless bimbo like Veena Malik gain so much fame(or should I say notoriety?) while in Big Boss? Didn't we applaud Atif Aslam each time he gave a briliant song to us? Do we spare a second thought before extolling Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for his amazing voice?

These extra rich film stars claim to be facing 'Intolerance' and thus desire leaving their nation, notwithstanding the fact that this very nation blessed them with excessively lavish lifestyles they are living today. I am sorry, but according to me, such people are plain COWARDS. Or perhaps they don't know what 'Tolerance' is indeed!

'Tolerance' is something that the family members of our martyred soldiers and officers show when they don't get back their brutally murdered son's head back. 'Tolerance' is something that our poor farmers show when they don't reap a desirable crop and then die starving. 'Tolerance' is something that our women show when they are molested because of useless laws of the land. They never think of LEAVING this country! Then how can you Mr. Khan? Learn some tolerance sense from your fellow countrymen.  And if you are still keen on leaving this country then GET OUT! Many people(like me) won't GIVE A DAMN! Because there is no dearth of talent in this nation. This nation made you and this nation will make another like you.

P.S. "Koi bhi desh perfect nhi hota, usse perfect banana padhta hai!"- Aamir Khan said this in Rang De Basanti. Limits of HYPOCRICY!

Wednesday, 25 November 2015



New year is on the threshold and I, already, have my New Year resolution with me.
'I resolve to not waste my hard earned money for watching random movies in theaters.'

Although it's a bit late to make such a resolution(I am 22 already) but I am really hurt this time. This realization suddenly came to me after this recent 'Intolerance' comment given by Aamir Khan. I used to respect him, till a day before yesterday, for 'Satyamev Jayate. But yesterday I felt like a fool. And he is not the only one. There are many in the row. Salman Khan is a criminal and a cold blooded murderer. He killed speechless animals and even treated real humans like animals. 'Being Human' emanates sarcasm, no wonder!

Talk about Sanjay Dutt who is serving in jail for his past associations with terrorists. I mean half of these people don't deserve our respect and admiration that we shower on them. Moreover, this divide between rich and poor is widening.

So I would rather give these 500 Rs to the have-nots than spending it on movies(be it of any damn actor/actress). As far as outings are concerned, there are many other ways of hanging out. But movie halls and Pvrs are out of my life now. I will not enter these for the rest of the days I am alive on this planet!

P.S. Dear Future Husband, if you are a Big Screen lover, accept my apologies. I am sorry!

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Some of my most FAVORITE things and people

Some of my most FAVORITE things and people

  • Narendra Modi (Read why do I LOVE him in a previous blog!)
  • Getting compliments on my writing.
  • Feminism and feminists
  • Ashwin Sanghi - Author
  • Amish Tripathi - Author
  • My favorite authoresses - Preeti Shenoy, Jhumpa Lahiri, C.B Divakaruni
  • Real life love stories
  • People using perfect grammar and vocabulary. 
  • Chivalrous boys - (Because REAL men respect not just their own mothers and sisters, but others' mothers and sisters as well!)
  • Intelligent and Brainy boys(looks don't matter to me!)
  • Men in formals..:p
  • Stubble(looks hot..:p)
  • Honesty in any form
  • Sense of humor (If you can make me laugh when I don't even want to smile!)
  • WA Statuses written for me..:p
  • Secret admirers...:)
  • Infectious smiles (I fall in love with smiles!)
  • The Indian Army (Salute to all Army men)
  • National Anthem - it makes this often divided country to stand straight altogether!
  • Single dresses - (Bright colored and designer ones)
  • Black Eyeliner (Smudge free)
  • Blood red Lipstick (Don't you dare judge me!)
  • People who think and do something good for this society.
  • Prayaas - (A voluntary association run and managed by the students of NITJ)
  • Malgudi Days (I keep watching the series in my laptop)
  • Arnab Goswami - News Anchor (He doesn't give a shit to what people think of him)
  • People who readily agree with my views and don't argue
  • DJ (Angreji beat
  • Theme Weddings
  • Cheeseburst Pizza(I don't like to share it!)
  • Gol gappey (literally addicted!)
  • Rajma Chawal
  • Mom made Malai Kofta
  • Ginger tea (Adrak vaali chai, to be precise)
  • My Mom - Dad, and Bhaiya
  • Vasuda - My Best Friend (She is the sister I never had)
  • 70's and 80's Bollywood movies (A lot of regressive content)
  • Kishore Kumar Songs (evergreen)
  • Travelling and exploring new places.
To be continued....

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Dear 'Punjabi Singers' - Please RAISE your standards

Dear 'Punjabi Singers' - Please RAISE your standards

I have been living in Punjab since eternity. I have been raised in a Punjabi family, and I am a true Punjabi for I love the culture and people associated with it. And for that matter, just like every Punjabi, I can't stop myself from matching a step with people when Punjabi numbers are played by a Disk Jockey. But then, something is really wrong with present Punjabi Singers or perhaps Punjabi Music Industry has lost its original charm.

Now there is a conspicuous pattern of Punjabi songs which are being launched these days :-

1. Men will be either extolling themselves extra ordinarily. For example.

  • Aaja sohni dassa tenu fashion ki hunda, Tere Yaar da tan vakhraa swag ni (Oh stupid girl! learn some fashion sense from me for I am a Dude.)
  • Munda sohniye ni I Phone varga, jani khnai naal hundaa ni attach goriye (This boy defines dignity for he doesn't even bother about characterless girls who woo boys.)
  • Bache bachhe vich hit, kudiyan da brad pitt, munda jattan da javayee tu banalae ghar da (I am as sexy as Brad Pitt. So what are you waiting for, marry me!)
  • Mai hu shikaari kudiye,..khali mera vaar ni jataa, mujhko naa pehchane tu..tere ghar akhbaar ni aata?( I am a born stud. Why don't you come have sex with me?)
  • Vese to hu Badshaah mai, aaj raat tujhe star banadu (Oh gorgeous girl! Just because I am a very famous singer Badshah, this gives me a right to have a night stand with you.)
  • Hoyaa ki je nachdi di banh fadd layi dakka tan ni maareya..(So what ? So what if a boy tries to grab a girl's arm while dancing? It's not a crime.)

2. Or they will be demeaning women in various interesting ways. Not to forget the inherent sexism and misogyny present in vast amounts. For example.

  • Enna v na dope shope mareya karo...bann k tu reh gyi hun nashe di dukaaan (Because if a man drinks, he is a dude. But if a woman drinks, she is a blot on her culture and she is a potential slut. So she should better not think of boozing.)
  • Chakko chakko chakko, kujh fresh nayio milna (There is a dearth of virgin girls out there. So grab whatever is available and ENJOY!)
  • Saturday Saturday..kehti university padhti hai..but I doubt (This girl is out on parties every Saturday and drinks alchohal. So I, therefore, doubt if she is really a college girl or a call girl.)
  • Kudiye ni tere brown rang ne..tu bann meri whore..I mean meri ho (A dusky bitch is no less than a whore.)
  • Dhokha de he jandii ae gaddi te naddi..(Comparing girls with cars like they are a property. Sheer objectification!)
  • Khaton hundi desperate..sanu dasjaa ki ae RATE..(Ohk, so what's the rate of your sister or your mother may be?)
  • Teri lae lava photo je ruke taan sahi..PURCHASE v kariye je vikke taan sahi..(As if girls are some products and services to be purchased??)

3. And after listening to above two categories of songs, if a girl decides to leave a man who doesn't respect her femininity at all and who is constantly boasting of his so called 'Swag', he expresses his remorse by singing typical sad songs. For example.

  • Tu badli sau vaar..assi ikk vaar ni badle (You cheat, you changed but I didn't!)
  • Ro ro k arzaan guzaarda ae dil...haye mera dil..haye mera dil (I cry day and night for you!)
  • Bada samjhaya tenu samajh na aaya kanu kardaa ae didariyaan (Why did I fall in love with you?)
  • Mera deewanapan tenu karu pagal..mere kaatal (You will pay for this, bitch!)
  • Ho addee raat hoyi..teri yaadan ne saanu gher leyaa..haye oyee... And there is no end to this lamenting.
So Dear Punjabi Singers - stop demeaning a woman for every other thing you are not happy with. Stop blaming her and judging her with your preconceived and regressive notions of culture. Stop being a self proclaimed stud (or should I say a Fookra?). Try thinking beyond girls, women and ladies, and come up with some good stuff. Please raise your standards!

P.S. There were singers like 'Gurdaas Maan' and 'Vadali Brothers' who were real gems for Punjabi Music Industry. I wonder if Honey Singh will ever have a daughter in future, will she be able to respect her Dad for permeating this kind of shit in the society?


Friday, 30 October 2015

It should be mutual..Right?

It should be mutual..Right?

'Karvachauth!'... I have been witnessing this concept being celebrated since my childhood. I have been watching ladies fasting for one whole day - a day solely dedicated to men. I am really not against this festival. I don't intend to demean any particular religion, specific beliefs and Hindu mythology. I don't deny any of the stories associated with this traditional concept. But I really think - it should be mutual. After all, marriage is a mutual arrangement of love, trust, care and protection. If a wife fasts for her husband's long life then why can't the same be applicable to men? I think this arrangement is sexist. In fact, the makers of this arrangement must have assumed that all Hindu wives are deathless, eternal and indestructible while all Hindu husbands are easily prone to death. This is perhaps why they provided for the protection of husbands' lives only. I myself, being a Hindu, love all Hindu festivals (including Diwali, Holi, Navratras) but this one festival fails to find a logic in my senses. It establishes male dominance. So, if it has to be there, then it should be equally applicable!

Meanwhile watch this hilariously hilarious spoof. I LOVED IT..!

Friday, 16 October 2015

That day

That day

She is a person who always shows a great amount of patience and strength when it comes to dealing with random jerks passing by on the streets. But today, she felt scared. For the first time in her life, she has encountered something like this so closely. Reality dawned on her in those few seconds. The reality that after all- 'she is just a girl'.
She felt disgusted at first but the next moment, she shouted. And then she ran away. She so much wanted to break his head with a brick but she just ran away. She cursed God for making her so vulnerable yet physically weak.
This helplessness is inexplicable indeed. She has no right to express this for people will judge her. She will perhaps never be able to cross that path all alone again. After all - she is just a girl.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Dear INDIA, Grow up

Dear INDIA, Grow up

The other day I was watching a typically Indian, 80's era Bollywood movie. A scene went like this -

Hero fights with a bunch of hoodlums and bangs their heads. They were trying to rape the Heroine.
Heroine's mother thanks this Hero by saying - "Tumhara boht boht shukriya beta. Agar aaj tum waqt par nahi aate to aaj hum kisi ko muh dikhane layak nhi rehte. Tumne hamare ghar ki izzat bachayee hai." Hero leaves the scene with a face boasting of his masculinity. While the girl stands embarrassed. Her head bowed as if touching the ground, and her face reflecting helplessness.

Well, this is how it goes in my country. I don't understand how a girl's virginity gets associated with the honor of her family. How does the penetration of some unwanted organ inside her body would make her parents and society end all ties with her? When a girl is raped, she becomes unwanted. But the same boy who rapes her, roams like a stud. Notwithstanding the fact that he was the one who forced her. What's the thing with this kind of Indian mentality. This doesn't happen in other countries.
India inherits such tenets from its past - be it Mahabharata or Ramayana. So who should we blame- Lord Rama or Lord Krishna? Or should we blame ourselves that we are not riding our behavior of these regressive adages?

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Reasons to love PM

11 reasons that can make you fall in love with Narendra Modi :-

1. You can not take your eyes off him when he is addressing a gathering. Be it a rally, a campaign or an international union; his oratory skills are just impeccable.

2. Every time he initiates a speech, his 'bhaiyon bhehnooo' will make you drool over him.

3. He always uses Hindi language whether he is out on a meeting with  Xi Jinping, Obama, king of  Saudi Arabia or Queen of England. 

4. He never paper reads a speech unlike Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi or Manmohan Singh.

5. One who has the wits of understanding his foreign policy - Why he is visiting so many countries(big or small, developed or developing, rich or poor), will give a thumbs up to his craftsmanship.

4. Every time he would end up addressing a gathering, he would break the protocol to personally shake hands with his audience.

5.  He never speaks rubbish about his adversaries. He knows how and when one should counter attack some one's arguments.

6. He has a very ordinary background (a tea vendor). His humility is thus evident. This brings home the fact that Indian democracy is not that bad.

7. He loves his mother and more than that he respects/appreciates her sacrifices/struggle/hard work.

8. I share my birth date with him i.e 17 September. This is one of my personal reasons of being a 'Modi Fan'.

9. He is doing so many such things that none other PMs in the past ever did.

10. He is wholeheartedly trying to deliver what he promised. And I appreciate that!

11. His strong leadership has tremendously changed people's perception about India in the international market.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

And then I lost my smile

And then I lost my smile

I woke up with a smile.
Stepped out and walked a mile.
I saw an adolescent scourging the dump.
Something he ate out of that scum
While something he kept in his rags for fun.
Imagining his future - I cursed some people for this vile.
But my curses reached none.
And then I lost my smile.

When I learned about a 5 year old bud.
She was mauled altogether by 5 studs.
Thinking about - How much she would have cried.
Completely clueless of what's happening to her- there and then - she died.
Somewhat scared, somewhat disgusted, and somewhat angry - I felt.
My heart went fragile
Before I lost my smile.

When I witnessed the hypocrisy being practiced.
Oblivion with which they turn adamant.
Humanity dying its death amidst this nuisance.
A part of me died at that very instance.
And then I didn't just lose my smile - I became numb for a while.

When my senses sustained
I didn't even try to smile - fearing I will lose it again.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Prayaas - It's all about spreading smiles!

Prayaas - It's all about spreading smiles!

It's not been very long since I had joined Prayaas- hardly one month. But that doesn't stop me from loving Prayaas and it's wonderful members. I always enjoy spending time with these little children. No matter how much tired I am, how much sullen or morose my mood is, a broad smile spreads on my face whenever these selfless children come saying "Hello didi" to me, hold my hand and take me along with them. I feel so special when some of them even enter into a quibble on whom I will teach today - they are like "didi mujhe padhao, nahi mujhe". When I see them smiling, having fun and enjoying every bit of their life, I wonder how do they manage to do so? And then I start feeling so dumb. They don't have cell phones, bikes, cars, whatsapp, facebook, or big houses - still they smile. These ever cheerful, innocent faces give me a reason to believe that life can be lived peacefully and happily even against all odds.


So if you are also looking to smile or to learn the art of smiling in every situation, come visit Prayaas. A little amount of your time which you will give them, will multiply into a plethora of unconditional love these cute children shower upon you!!

P.S. :- Prayaas is a NON-Profit Organisation led and managed by the Students of NIT Jalandhar , enlightening poor Students on the basics and importance of education.
"Prayaas - An Attempt to Gather 'Water Drops' to turn them in to a Glass of Water". Donate generously. Spread smiles :)

Monday, 10 August 2015

Ain't you forgetting something?

Ain't you forgetting something?

If you are someone who is so much busy improving life, making ends meet, preparing for some exam, studying, achieving targets, making balance sheets, calculating profits, providing services, curing patients, or appeasing clients. You are forgetting something big time.

Did you tell your Dad how much you are proud of him for all the struggle he did and is doing to raise you? Did you tell him how much you value everything he gave you - from that first barbie doll to that girly school bag, from that new bicycle to that much coveted own scooty? If not, then what are you waiting for? Father's day?

Did you tell your mother how much you admire her for all the sacrifices she had subjected herself to? Did you tell her how much she inspires you for the way she has handled everything with so much ease all this while?

Did you tell your brother how your life could have been incomplete without his protection, without his unconditional love, without his guidance, and without his authority?

Did you tell your best friend that those heart breaks, those difficult times, those beleaguering stressors, those mind numbing dilemmas could have been a plethora harder, if not for her?

Did you say sorry to that one person whom you had hurt the last time?

Did you send WatsApp smilies to some good old friends you haven't been getting time to be in touch with?

If not then spare some time to do these things. Because there are some indispensable people who need to be told that you do care for them. Because life is so uncertain that sometimes it doesn't even let you blink an eye before throwing her cards. Because you may not get this opportunity yet again if you delay it. Because someday you may regret letting go of this one expression of love, this one chance of spreading smiles.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Fall in love, stay there


Fall in love with someone who falls in love with YOU. By YOU I mean- You as a whole. So if you are still single or single for the time being or single again after a break up or single and ready/not so ready to mingle, and waiting to fall in love/fall in love again.  Then don't rush. WAIT.

WAIT for someone to arrive who can fall in love with that pimple on your face. Someone who can fall in love with those dark circles beneath your eyes. Someone who can call you beautiful even when you are wearing that shabby tee-shirt or when your curls are undone, and not only when you are wearing that particular attire, sitting with a decorated face.

Wait for someone who wants to be with you not just because of your good looks but because of your qualities. Someone who admires you for your out of the world dreams. Wait for someone who loves you because of your weirdness, your craziness, your madness, and sometimes adores your sensibility. Someone who ignores your mistakes with a smile and silently lets you grow up.Wait for that one person who can appreciate what you do, what you think, and what you feel.

Fall in love with someone who doesn't have to search for reasons to love you. Fall in love with someone who can fall in love with your flaws. Because your flaws are perfect for the heart that is meant to love you.

So next time if your heart tells you that you are in love, tell him to shut up. Figure out if it's true. Figure out if that person is in love with your entirety or just the prettiness of your face. And If you ever find such a person, close your eyes, fall in love, stay there!