Monday, 15 December 2014

The judgement day

That particular judgement on that particular day made me dig deeper, and I wrote this when I was in my 12 grade..


Awaited with bated breath, the judgment has come.
Oh! What wretches have they done?
Long ago, he took birth to wash away evil from the face of earth.

When acrimony and demonized deeds surged,

To unfetter his children, he emerged.

When people were distraught and suffering with pain,

Truth, benevolence and peace were in vain.

Beasts were making all lives – HELL,

Humanity was like-“oh god where do you dwell?”

He took avatar in such a crucial time,

To make goodness reign supreme over crime.

How apt and extreme must have been the purity of that place,

Where my Deity lied in solace.
But today, the judgment has come, and decision has been made to split the land of his arrival,
Among these so called sects-HINDUS N MUSLIMS-being skeptical.
The fight had been on whether to retain a mosque or construct a temple,
Besides, political predators using opportunities ample.
People are killing and making each other strangle,
Just to convert the shape of a building from a dome to a triangle?
Some to appease their sentiments and others out of their selfishness,
Using HIS name-no matter RAMLALLA or ALLAH- curse to their shamelessness.
Today, the judgment has come!
But to make this judgment, these human arbiters are none.
Splitting into pieces a piece of land,
They forget the final judgment – they will have to stand.
With my folded hands I pray, “Come back if you really exist”, forbid me to say.
Eliminate the Ravan within each one of us doing terrorism and corruption,
Save this mankind from rancor, helplessness and destruction.
Make an end to this menace, for my heart is yearning to feel your presence!


  1. What a surprising fact dear, such deep influencing thoughts flowing when you were just in your 12th standard! A very perfect use of expressions to depict the issueless debates which start over the name of religions and the so called sovereignty of the nation. That's heights to which the politicians polarize the public. I am glad there are ones like you who know what the reality is. Hats off to your thoughts and the beautiful way the expressions have flown. Keep up the good work (Y)

  2. Thank you so much..i am so glad you read this!! <3