Sunday, 14 December 2014



Come what may, I am never budged from my stance,
For my bureaucracy is known the world over – US, China and France.

Levying taxes is my sole duty and work,
Who cares about these wretched poor?-unnecessary burden on earth,

I revel in filling my treasures,
For corruption is one of my favorite pleasures.

I can turn into an animal while discussing your fate,
I have a tendency to nullify whatever says my rival mate.

I am a rapist, murderer and freebooter,
And to put me behind bars –who has the bloody power?

Rules, laws and empathy are big words for my demeanor,
For my red beacon takes me above all, makes me superior.

I will deceive you with the promises of betterment and satisfaction,
But once I m done, don’t you dare to disturb me till next elections.

Don’t mistake me for a rogue!
Because I am the one who is in vogue.

Don’t call me a sinister,
For I am your very own, the most revered minister! 

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