Monday, 15 December 2014

When the creator seeks revenge

This particular piece was written by me when that disastrous calamity struck several parts of Uttrakhand two years back. It really made me think that why do people (including me) visit such religious places if they are to face this kind of plight. And then, using my own wits and knowledge (acquired by reading and watching mythology), I concluded - for my own satisfaction - that all such miss happenings are some kind of a revenge that nature beleaguers us with..


O mighty kedarnath, listen up for once!
For your fury so mystified,
Was not an inch justified.
Why didn’t you save us,
and let yourself untouched.
For heaven’s sake!
We were no sinners,
But some innocent souls laden with emotions.
We were no wrong doers,
But had faith and devotion.
How could you watch our killings with a slight?
Shut your eyes upon our plight?
And you are the only one to blame,
Cuz being the creator and the DESTROYER is only your claim.
YES! I am the creator, preserver and destroyer!
I created this world so beautiful,
This nature so bountiful,
But not to be destroyed by you-Remember.
What about the trees and mountains you mangle?
What about the cows and sheep you strangle?
What about the rivers you have killed?
And utter apathy with which your hearts are filled?
Today my Ganga seeks revenge!
Throwing back your scum she lets herself free,
“Never lessen the NATURE”-setting this decree.
Cuz sometimes, to stop nature slay,
Innocents also have to pay.

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